The Second Book of Jeu

At the outset of this document the living Jesus asks his disciples, consisting of the Twelve Apostles as well as women, to surround his so that he can impart to them secret teachings (Ch. 42). This begins the long training sequence that comprises the entire text. The living Jesus speaks of the secret nature his instructions, and tells them that these mysteries are reserved only for the worthy, and not to be given in exchange for anything of this world (Ch. 43). Unity among members is enjoined and given as a
prerequisite to receiving the teachings (Ch. 43).

Next the Savior informs the Apostles and women disciples that because they have been faithful to the “injunctions with which [he had] already enjoined” upon them, he would now impart to them the mysteries that would be necessary for them to ascend through the “twelve divine aeons”, or heavens. After learning these mysteries, they would have the knowledge to call upon the ‘receivers’, “in order to go into their places” (Ch. 43). Pictures of the various seals are provided throughout the text.

In connection with their reception of the mysteries, the disciples were given injunctions, or commands (Ch. 43).

When they entered into the ranks of the Treasury and reached the recievers, the disciples were told that
they should “seal them with their seal and give to them the great name of their mystery” (Ch. 44).

Later, the Savior gathered his disciples together and with them, turned to the “four corners of the world. He commanded that each one of them should place his feet together.” In this manner, the Living Jesus offered a prayer. Much of these prayers are left out of text, but each line is followed by three “amens” (Ch. 45). Clothed in special linen garments, an additional prayer is dictated by Jesus, as he positions himself behind the offering of incense which he had made (Ch. 46).

Later in the text, the Father is referred to as a great man (Ch. 50).


Translation – Schmidt, The Books of Jeu and the Untitled Text in the Bruce Codex, 99-141