The Pistis Sophia

Jesus speaks of Apostles whom He brought from the before the world and put into the wombs women. He speaks also of powers which were conferred on men before their earthly experience and the threats and persecutions which the Apostles would yet suffer (Ch. 7).

James is informed that he, as well as all others who shall accomplish the mysteries, will receive a place “before all invisibles and all gods and rulers” in the thirteenth heaven (Ch. 51-2).

The means whereby one may pass through the regions of the Midst into greater inheritances is put forth. The orders of the inheritances of Light are described, and greater inheritances are associated with increased dominion/kingdoms. Those who receive the mystery of the Ineffable will, in the next world, tower above all (Ch. 86-7, 90-1, 96-7).

Jesus tells his disciples the tokens, seals and ciphers which are associated with receiving the great mysteries, and the necessity of receiving them is explained. Without the mysteries, it is impossible to “bring souls into the light” (Ch. 99,103,105).

Jesus “turns himself to the four corners of the earth” and offers a prayer to the Father while standing at the altar, his disciples being situated so that they face in the different cardinal directions (Ch. 136). Later He offers another prayer, this time the disciples are dressed in linen garments and hold in their hands the cipher which they had been given at the hands of Jesus (Ch. 142).


Translation – The Pistis Sophia, G.R.S. Mead

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