The Acts of Saints Andrew and Bartholomew among the Parthians

In this text Jesus appears to Bartholomew and Andrew. During his conversation with Bartholomew he foretells of his success in missionary service (A, fol. 69a, col. 1), speaks concerning the rewards for faithful apostolic service, promises to send Andrew, and tells of Bartholomew’s future rejection and martyrdom (A, fol. 69a, col. 2).

During his appearance to Andrew, the risen Lord tells him to go to Bartholomew and be patient in his ministry. Andrew is told that a man described as having a face “like unto the face of a dog”, by whom many will believe in the gospel.

Then Jesus appears to Andrew and his two disciples, with whom he was traveling, disguising himself as the captain of their ship. A conversation ensues between the two parties concerning their destination and purposes for their travel. After Andrew and Bartholomew meet in Macedonia, Christ gives the apostles “wings of light” and leads them to the top of a tower, at which place he reveals his true identity and appearance. Here Jesus tells his disciples that they will only be believed through their miracles and wonderful works (A, fol. 74b, col. 2).

Again, Jesus appears, this time to send the apostles away, and again reminds them to be patient in their ministry (A, fol. 77b, col. 1).


Translation(s) – Budge, Contendings of the Apostles, 154-165, 171