Encomium on Saint John the Baptist, by John Chrysostom

Jesus gives his great commission, but also speaks concerning the present glory of John the Baptist (Fol. 10a, Fol. 10b). He ascends with the Apostles through the heavens and they see John the Baptist and Zacharias in the third heaven, where men are arrayed in “celestial apparel” (Fol. 10b – Fol. 12b). Details pertaining to Heaven and Paradise are given and the Apostles are brought back onto the Mount of Olives.


Translation – Budge, Coptic Apocrypha, 335-351 (at 344-346)

Coptic Text – Budge, Coptic Apocrypha, 128-145 (at 137-140)

Full Text

The full Coptic text and English translation may be found at http://www.coptica.ch/Budge-Apocrypha.pdf