Book of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, by Bartholomew the Apostle

Jesus is resurrected and descends into hell, binding Satan and releasing the children of Adam – excepting Judas Iscariot and two others. He heals the wound created by the Fall of Adam and Eve (Fol. 3b). Cherubim, Seraphim, “the Powers”, “the Virgins”, and Angelic Hosts surround the door of the tomb in concentric circles, singing hymns. The seven firmaments open and the Father descends to raise Christ from the dead (Fol. 6a, 6b).

The Living Jesus mounts a Chariot and ascends into the heavens followed by all the captives whom he had liberated. Christ reaches the Father, who pronounces His blessings upon Christ (Fol. 8b). The hosts of heavenly beings sing eight hymns to the exalted Christ (Fol. 9b-13b).

Bartholomew is to be known as the “keeper of the mysteries of the Son of God” (Fol. 14a).

Gathered on the Mount of Olives, Christ takes the Apostles into the heavens to see the Father. The Father gives them authority and blesses each Apostle individually (Fol. 14b-15b).

Christ appears to the Apostles and gives them proofs of his resurrection and establishes Peter as President of the new church (Fol. 17a). The meeting of Thomas and the Savior is told.


Budge. Coptic Apocrypha, 179-232.

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